Udemy Courses for less than 9.99

I only buy from Udemy when there is a sale or a coupon. Way back in the day Udemy only did $9.99 per course sales but have since started raising the floor price of these sales by a few dollars. They still do $9.99 course sales but these sales are rarer.

You can still purchase courses for under $9.99 if you stack offers along the way. In this case I purchased an $11.99 title but was able to bring the price down to net $8.99

  • Discount: Udemy does $9.99 per course sales from time to time. This is the lowest advertised price when they do course sales. I’ve seen 10.99 and 11.99 sales before
  • Cashback: Rakuten Ebates is offering 15% Cash Back. This will post even though a coupon code was used here
  • Payment: Chase Credit Card with 10% back Chase Offer

Estimated Total: $11.99 – 1.20 (Chase offer 10% off) – 1.80 (Rakuten 15% cashback) = $8.99

Don’t leave the lockdown without being able to say you learned something

Stack discounts at every stage of the transaction


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