WaterLily Shopify – WaterLily 12V Turbine preorder $180

WaterLily recently announced they were taking preorders for their new 12V generator turbines. This new model is listed $249 but early orders are $199 without coupon. WaterLily has previously provided a 20% off holiday coupon for the 5V model but you will only be able to use a single coupon on 12V model at full price (so $199 after coupon vs $199 before coupon).

  • Discount: The 12V is listed at $249 but selling for $199 without coupon code for preorders
  • Coupon: Shopify makes it easy to send out abandoned cart/checkout emails. An additional 15% off is available as a win-back coupon to complete the order.
  • Payment: Chase Visa with 1 year extended warranty. A better option would have been Citi Double Cash here for 2% back and 2 year extended warranty

Estimated Total: $199.99 – 29.99 (coupon) + 10 (shipping not free) + 11.25 (6.25% taxes to be paid) = $191.25 + payment rewards

Improvements: Another option for payment would be to use a card where you need to complete a spend bonus (such as a new card). AMEX has previously done points bonuses for spend for existing customers. It is unfortunate that the site did not setup Amazon Pay so we can’t collect 5% using the Discover quarterly bonus.

Wait for and use abandoned cart emails

Don’t preorder unless the deal is likely unreproducible

Use a credit card if purchase protection or warranty is important

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