Leap Motion Shopify – Discover 5% Quarter Bonus with Amazon Pay

Leap Motion’s online store allows Amazon Pay at checkout. This is a great way to trigger the Discover 5% quarterly Amazon bonus since Amazon credit cards do not return the 3% or 5% on merchants using Amazon Pay (This needs to be tested!)

  • Discount: $89.99 with $17.99 off with 20% off coupon from email
  • Payment: Pay through Amazon Pay using a Discover card for additional 5% off from quarterly bonus

Estimated Total: $89.99 + 8.99 (shipping) – 17.99 (20% off coupon) – 4.05 (5% back Discover bonus) = $76.94

Roughly works out to the Universal VR Developer Mount for an extra $1.95 on top of the $74.99 sale price of the Leap Motion (MSRP $99.99)

Amazon Pay triggers Discover 5% quarterly Amazon bonus

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