You can use Dell promotional gift cards to buy Xbox Gift Cards

Dell has been selling discounted Xbox Live Digital Gift Cards in the last few sales. This gives us an excellent opportunity to convert an expiring Dell Promotional Gift card into a Microsoft Account credit for future use. Aside from being able to purchase digital goods like games and movies, this account credit can be used on the Microsoft Store if you ever wanted to buy a computer including a Surface. Typically retailers will not allow you to purchase a gift card with another gift card or with only a promotional code.

  • Discount: $25 with $2.25 off with GAME10 10% off coupon on product and promotional pages
  • Cashback: Topcashback is offering a boosted 7% back. The terms say gift card purchases aren’t allowed but it is likely referring to Dell gift cards
  • Payment: Dell Promotional Gift Card, Dell Advantage Rewards. Up to 3 payment methods allowed in checkout. Dell Advantage Rewards counts as one of the methods.

Estimated Total: $25.00 – 2.50 (10% off coupon) – 1.57 (7% Topcashback cashback) = $20.93

Improvements: You could purchase with an Amex card instead and stack with Amex offers (additional 10% off, 5x points boost) or the Amex Business Dell $100/$200 credit benefit.

Some gift cards on Dell may wrongly charge sales tax (it should be zero). The $25 and $100 cards do not in this case but the $50 card does

Test buy gift cards from gift card reseller sites before you need them

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