Chase Freedom Q2 2020 Grocery Bonus on Amazon Fresh orders but not on tips

Chase has finally added Amazon Fresh to the example grocery store list. Previously these purchases fell into a gray zone and it wasn’t clear which category it would post. Delivery availability has improved since the beginning of the pandemic

  • Discount: 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards on the grocery portion of the purchase (182 UR = $1.82 if converted to cash, don’t do this)
  • Cashback: Unfortunately Amazon is still not listing any cashback categories
  • Payment: Chase Freedom with 5x 2020 Q2 quarter grocery bonus

Estimated Total: $36.30 (total including taxes and fees) + 182 Chase UR points + $5.00 (tip) + 5 Chase UR points

I just had to try the Amazon Kitchen brand fresh soups. The actual container has heating instructions on the lid

Do test buys before a major purchase

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