Sears – Spending points for EveryDrop filter

It is becoming harder and harder to find items worth buying from Sears. Upromise is holding a promotion for 10% cashback and it is still worth testing to see if cashback will still post if it is bought entirely with points

  • Discount: $46.99 since $3 Freecash from Sears really just functions like an automatic coupon. No tax charged since the purchase was paid for in points. Shipping is free
  • Payment: $46.99 worth of points. These points were awarded for riding on Uber after linking Uber to Sears

Estimated Total: $46.99 worth of Sears Points

In the end this purchase did not trigger cashback from Upromise; another purchase at Sears during the same promotion period using only gift cards as payment did work

Do test buys before a major purchase


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