Amazon Kindle ebook credit can be spent across multiple purchases

Amazon has a targeted kindle ebook offer every few months where you can earn a credit back after meeting the spending goal. This goal amount is based on the subtotal before any discounts including No Rush Shipping Credit, Great on Kindle credit and even this ebook credit.

The terms state you can meet the spending goal in one or multiple transactions; I am confirming the earned credit can also be spent over multiple purchases if any amount remains

  • Discount: Amazon gives out a promotional ebook credit of $X after spending $Y. In this case, it was get $5 ebook credit after spending $20 on ebooks
  • Payment: Amazon Promotional ebook credit

Estimated Total: $5.00 credit spent over 3 purchases of $0.49, $1.99 and $2.52 (remaining credit used on $2.99 purchase)

Do test buys before a major purchase


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