Amazon Fresh orders not posting with 4x Grocery Bonus on Amex Gold Card April 2020

I’ve been hearing conflicting information as to whether the grocery bonus applies to Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods orders on Amazon. There was also some confusion as to whether Amazon Prime Now orders posted with this bonus. In this particular case, the 4x US Supermarket Bonus did not apply when using the Amex Gold Card for Amazon Fresh orders.

The order tip also doesn’t have the bonus applied. This wasn’t expected as it posts as a separate charge from the original order on your credit card statement.

  • Discount: Unfortunately the bonus 4X Membership Rewards per dollar at US supermarkets does not apply to Amazon Fresh
  • Payment: Amex Gold Card

Estimated Total: $37.87 (total including taxes and fees) + 38 Amex MR (at 1x instead of 4x bonus) points + $5.00 (tip) + 5 Amex MR points (1x other purchase)

Always pick up the Amazon Fresh Deal of the week. And especially if it is under $1

Do test buys before a major purchase

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