Home Depot – Google Home Hub preorder $99

Home Depot listed the brand new Google Home Hub for preorder at $99 from the $149 announced price last week. This is a good chance to buy a recently announced item for less than listed MSRP price available at other retailers

I don’t have enough gift cards to cover this purchase but Raise has a new feature called Raise Pay that allows you to receive cashback when you buy gift cards from them directly. You should only buy these cards when the cashback percent is higher than the discounted percent for buying a discount gift card.

These cards are delivered instantly and you can buy the exact dollar value required. The cashback is added to your Raise balance to be spent on future purchases.

  • Discount: $99 preorder for $149 newly announced item
  • Cashback: Perks at work (2% with 5 star status) at Home Depot. No cashback for Raise Pay purchases
  • Payment: Paid by leftover gift cards topped up by Raise Pay (1.5% discount). Buy gift cards with best card like Citi Double Cash for 2%

Estimated Total: $99.00 + 10.15 (tax) – $1.64 (Raise Pay cashback on $109.15) – 2.00 (200 pts cashback) = $105.51

Buy Raise Pay gift cards when the cashback percent is higher than discounted percent for regular gift cards

Don’t preorder unless the deal is likely not reproducible

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