Stack discounts with Samsung Pay for Pokemon Go Fest 2020 – $8.49

Niantic is running this year’s Pokemon Go Fest as an in-app event for $14.99. Since there is only one seller for this item, any discount can be considered a win. If you have a Samsung phone, you may be able to do better than buying it using gift cards.

For this you will need a Samsung phone that supports Samsung Pay and your copy of the Pokemon Go app needs to be from the Galaxy App Store.

  • Discount: Samsung is giving out 1000 Samsung Pay points ($5) during their Level Up promotion and it overlaps with a 10% discount for all in-app purchases in Pokemon Go
  • Payment: Amex Personal Platinum Card through Samsung Pay. Unlike the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the Samsung Pay Galaxy App Store purchase doesn’t trigger the Amex Streaming Subscription Credit.

Estimated Total: $14.99 – 1.50 (Galaxy Store 10% Discount) – 5.00 (redeem 1000 Samsung Pay points) = $8.49 + 51 Samsung Rewards points ($0.25)

Improvements: There might be a card that gives a special bonus on digital purchases. I could have used a 2% card like the Citi Double Cash. If you have a non Samsung device you could purchase with discounted App Store gift cards (15-20% off) or with the Amex Personal Platinum card and have the amount reimbursed under the Streaming Credit.

Even a small discount is good for price fixed items

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